Jackie Argent

Operations Director
Jackie has worked for Blue Sky for 17 years and joined as the Customer Services Manager. She previously spent 14 years working in the IT department for an American Bank after starting her working life as a Secretary. It’s from this background where she gets her excellent organisational skills. She’s methodical and process driven, keeping tabs on the delivery team and striving to always provide excellent customer service. Her responsibilities include Operations, HR and managing the Support team.
Likes: Baking
Dislikes: Frizzy Hair

Matthew McCloskey

Commercial Director
Matt is another long-standing employee who manages the company alongside Jackie. He has worked for Blue Sky for 16 years and spent many years working on the Technical side before progressing to Sales & Marketing where his vast technical expertise has proven invaluable in understanding customer requirements and recommending solutions to meet their needs.
Likes: Cycling
Dislikes: Lycra

Patrick Lavan

Messaging & Collaboration
Pat worked for Blue Sky from 2000-2001 as an IBM Notes/Domino Consultant but left to pursue his career with another IBM Business Partner. However, he returned to the fold in January 2010 and Blue Sky is again benefiting from his vast wealth of knowledge on IBM Notes/Domino products and messaging services.
Likes: Aston Villa
Dislikes: Fake News

Grzegorz Krolak

Infrastructure Manager
Affectionately known as Greg in the office as none of us can speak Polish or pronounce his name correctly! Greg has been with Blue Sky for over 7 years and his main area of expertise is Linux and other open source technologies. He is also our expert with anything security related!
Likes: Hiking
Dislikes: Cancelled and late trains

Malcolm Daglish

Operations Manager
Mal joined Blue Sky in 2009. He has a good all-round experience with supporting many products including Microsoft Office 365 and Sharepoint. Mal is responsible for our procurement and liaising with our suppliers for hardware kit as well as administering our backup and monitoring services.
Likes: The Walking Dead
Dislikes: Justin Bieber

Stephen Weaver

Infrastructure Services Engineer
Stephen joined us in April 2015 after working for several years in Portugal. His knowledge and experience include Linux, anything Open Source and keeping calm in a crisis.
Likes: Working from home
Dislikes: Storage Hunters