ICON UK has delivered a riveting and exciting first day with some great demos and details about the Domino V10 and V11 roadmap.  More information from the official source is available at IBM’s Destination Domino website.

New features of Domino V10

Automatic Repair

Or not – it’s optional, of course, but being able to either repair replicas or be alerted to issues in realtime can only improve reliability.

High Usage Views

Automatically spinning off top 10 high usage views brings intelligent performance improvements.

Integration with New Relic

Amazing! We love New Relic for our existing OS estate so to bring Domino onto that platform too is great news enabling us to deliver even better reliability and performance.

Better Replication

Already Domino’s strength – the best keeps getting better with ReplCurrency & simple changes like being able to force full replication.

Full Text Index Improvements

On demand option improves issues around full text with indexes not accurately showing updates.