• 10 reasons to love IBM Notes and Domino…

    It’s nice to know that there’s a whole list of points to show why we love Notes and Domino, and we want to share that with our customers.

  • 1. Expertise

    We have a dedicated team of certified Notes and Domino professionals.

    2. Support

    Our support team provide a demonstrable, high level of support for our customers and we’re ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified.

    3. Investment

    You’ve made a significant investment in Notes and Domino. We help maximise that investment by providing a cost effective alternative to internal support. We also provide access to knowledge on optimising and improving your Notes and Domino services.

    4. Assurance

    Notes and Domino is a true Enterprise grade platform for email and collaboration. Companies who rely on it are relying on IBM’s strength of technology in software. Blue Sky makes sure that this is not wasted by providing phone, email support and access to consultants who can assist with the wwwelopment of applications that can extend the capability of your Notes and Domino environment.

    5. Resilience

    As you rely on Notes and Domino for your business critical communication and document storage, Blue Sky is there to ensure services are available when you need them. We offer a range of disaster recovery and backup solutions to fit your business needs.

    6. Protection

    Blue Sky Support Engineers monitor your Notes and Domino system and maintain security updates and countermeasures to protect your data. Our team ensured that Heartbleed wasn’t an issue for our Notes and Domino customers.

    7. Storage

    As you rely on Notes and Domino for your business critical communication and document storage, Blue Sky is there to ensure your storage will accommodate your document structure without compromising on performance or service.

    8. Power

    With Blue Sky’s UK hosted VMware VSphere Hosting infrastructure, adding power to your hosted Notes and Domino server is easy and flexible.

    9. Optimisation

    If you are using Notes and Domino in an on-premises environment Blue Sky is at hand to advise on tuning your servers to ensure maximum efficiency.

    10. Economy

    We simply work as an extension to your IT department and as specialists in Notes and Domino, we make running your environment simpler, easier and affordable without losing flexibility or features. As we keep an eye on things it means your own resources can be directed at more of the mission of your organisation.

    To begin talking to us, and to find out how Blue Sky can deliver IBM Notes and Domino services for your business, contact us now.