Information Security Policy

Our Company:

Blue Sky has been providing fully managed hosting services for over 15 years. As an IBM Business Partner, a Microsoft Partner, and notable specialists in Open Source technologies, we are highly experienced in delivering a complete range of hosting and remote management services from complex, mission critical Enterprise level environments to small online applications and websites.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and our quality management system is the tool by which we realise this.

Our Organisation:

The Senior Management team of Blue Sky is responsible for the execution of this policy and ensuring that the information security management system integrates with and supports the other standards to which we subscribe. All persons working for or on behalf of the company have a duty to comply with the requirements of this policy.

Our Commitments:

The Senior Management team is responsible for ensuring that we protect information in terms of:

  • Confidentiality – ensuring persons who are authorised have access to information.
  • Integrity – ensuring the validity, accuracy and completeness of information.
  • Availability – ensuring information, associated assets and systems can be accessed when required by authorised persons.
  • Regulatory – abiding by regulations, laws and codes of practice.

The Senior Management team will also:

  • Ensure that Blue Sky employees comply with the requirements of the information security policy.
  • Minimise the risk of damage to company assets, information, reputation, hardware, software or data.
  • Ensure that Blue Sky employees and computer systems do not infringe any copyright or licensing laws.
  • Set out clearly the company’s policies relating to all aspects of the management of information, hardware and software.
  • Set policy and objectives for the ISMS to reduce risks to acceptable levels. Determine criteria for accepting the risks and identify the acceptable levels of risk.

Matthew McCloskey
Commercial Director