Another interesting, if not awesome, AWSome event from AWS.

The AWS environment holds a lot of interest for us as long time hosting providers. When AWS (other cloud environments are available) first launched we were very excited by the possibilities and then somewhat let down by the reality. It felt a bit like the original Nokia Communicator –  you could do a few things but nothing like what you knew was possible. In mobile terms it took the iPhone to really break the mould. So the uptake of AWS hasn’t exactly been slow but it has been missing some key features to make it more suitable for complex environments. And today we learned that some of the show stoppers, for us at least, have been removed:


Virtual Private Cloud is one such missing piece of the corporate jigsaw. Private, virtual networks within AWS. It’s not ground breaking or very exciting as everyone’s been doing it on their own networks for 20+ years but it;s been a show stopper for lots of traditionally built deployments.

Security Groups

Easy to control built in firewalls. Again, a simple concept familiar to all network administrators.


Choose AMD Chipsets over Intel.