Blue Sky Thinks: March Newsletter.

Voltswagen, HCL Volt, defibrillation and a sparky patch l! It’s all in Blue Sky Thinks Electric March Edition.

Bored with Bognor?

If you’ve ever fancied 2 weeks experiencing a lot of the bad things related to being in space, without any of the good, and you can get to Poland, this could be the holiday for you!

(2 minute read)

Backups Native to Domino v12?

What is this alchemy? We’re investigating as fast as we can but it looks like a dream come true compared with some of the solutions available! Watch this space..

(4 minute read)


Maybe a tad invasive but once you’ve invited Alexa into your home, why not check in with her to see if you’re about to experience cardiac arrest?

(3 minute read)

The Eyes Have It

Contactless, mask friendly payments are looking very attractive right now

(3 minutes)

Get Better Cyber Security

The National Cyber Security Centre know a thing or two about security. We can help get you started on your path to improved cyber security today.

(8 minute read)

Apple Patch

Well worth a rapid response to this patch if you haven’t already checked your/your user’s devices. MDM platforms help massively with understanding your organisations exposure – get in touch for more information on how we can help.

(2 minute read)

HCL Domino Volt

HCL Domino Volt speeds up app dev by up to 70% with powerful low code capabilites giving control back to your users.

(4 minutes)

Origami Swami

Hard to do at normal size, some smart people have created a self-folding origami crane at a nanoscale?! Top marks for creativity!

(2 minutes)

And Finally…

Getting ahead of the usual rush of April Fools pranks, VW jump started the race with this smart marketing move..

(4 minute read)

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