G-Cloud 11 Approved

Blue Sky are  G-Cloud 11 approved. G-Cloud 11 enables public sector organisations to access suppliers and procure services without the need for a lengthy tender process. G-Cloud 11 builds on the processes established by G-Cloud 10 with an enhanced focus on security, matching well to Blue Sky's highly secured approach to services and our [...]

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What We Love About Cloudflare Where else can you get an outstanding Content Delivery Network for nothing? Private & fast DNS. Want to know more? It's more than a great domain name! Speed up your mobile connection using this free app which utilises and Cloudflare's considerable network. [...]

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Umbraco Hosting

3 Things We Love About Umbraco Open Source - Massive community of support. Flexible - As complex as you need. Integrates with ease. Intuitive - Empower your users to make content. 3 Great Features of Umbraco 8 Infinite Editing for smoother work flows. Language Variants [...]

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AWSome Day

Another interesting, if not awesome, AWSome event from AWS. The AWS environment holds a lot of interest for us as long time hosting providers. When AWS (other cloud environments are available) first launched we were very excited by the possibilities and then somewhat let down by the reality. It felt a bit like [...]

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Cloudflare Internet Summit 2018

What an entertaining and edifying day! I’m a fan of the services that Cloudflare deliver and after today run the risk of being a little infatuated. That said when Cloudflare launched I trialled their service and found it to be lacking but I was intrigued by the idea and that was enough to re-visit the [...]

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AWsome Day – London 2018

Despite having a title which provokes an uncomfortable feeling for anyone this side of the pond we had an interesting and dare I say entertaining time. But was it AWesome? In parts yes; it's not exactly new but the concept of auto scaling and AWS' implementation of it is great. Budget holders might not want [...]

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Work With Us To Best Use AWS

The cloud market has been accelerating and evolving for some considerable time now and we all know who the main players are. We have Amazon with AWS, Microsoft Azure and a plethora of other smaller companies. All promise, in part at least that utilising the cloud will cut your costs or/ and enable you to [...]

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