Blue Sky Thinks: February Newsletter.

Mars, blowing hard, speed and an unusual networking protocol! It’s all in Blue Sky Thinks February Edition.

Deeply Disconcerting

Ever fancies a Hogwarts style photo on your wall? Need to reanimate a
beloved relative’s image? Deep fake technology is here to help!

(2 minute read)

Ransomware & Phishing Still #1

All indications are that cyber criminals still favour the preferred 2020 methods for 2021. No great surprise here but a good reminder that simple changes can mitigate risks considerably. Give us a call for some pointers.

(4 minute read)


Which? are leading a campaign for fairer pricing for mobile phone users holding the dominant chipset manufactures accountable for their pricing. We’re hoping for a win for the consumer and have already decided that our refunds will be spent on chips. Potato ones.

(3 minute read)

It Blows

A Covid test that takes seconds to provide the results? Yes please!

(3 minutes)

Get Better Cyber Security

The National Cyber Security Centre know a thing or two about security. We can help get you started on your path to improved cyber security today.

(8 minute read)

Quicker Than Quick

For some workloads the results for LiteSpeed web server are simply stunning

(5 minute read)

HCL Domino Volt

HCL Domino Volt speeds up app dev by up to 70% with powerful low code capabilites giving control back to your users.

(4 minutes)

Get Your Name To Mars

Surely a publicity coo for any business or individual, get your name amongst the planets and into a whole new target market. Or just for bragging rights?

(2 minutes)

And Finally…

Despite being around IP routing since the dawn of the commercial internet we were surprised to learn this month of an exotic IP transit protocol, IP over Avian Carriers (IPoAC)

(4 minute read)

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