10 facts about Domino V10’s new and improved functionality

10 facts about Domino V10’s new and improved functionality

  • Domino Version 10 provides millennial developers access to the Domino object model with JavaScript and Nodejs. Your new developers can now take advantage of Domino’s powerful low/No code environment using the tools of the choice to get the job done.

  • You can use Outlook as a first-class citizen to your Domino server for email and calendaring. Everything works: meetings, Free busy, address lookup and offline.

  • The IBM HCL partnership has provided a long term commitment to continue to develop and support the solution, starting with v10 in 2018. No other provider has provided a longer term commitment to the platform

  • Domino provides the best platform for low code, trusted and secure applications

  • IBM flexible licensing models provide options for every type of customer – Apps only, Mail only, Hybrid models with on premise and cloud

  • IBM Verse can replace your Notes Email experience with a fresh new look that’s less cluttered, and more focused on the most critical emails coming into your inbox. And it’s browser only!

  • You can get rid of your Notes client completely and use Verse or Outlook for email and the Browser plug in for any of your existing Domino application.

  • If you are tired of running your Domino applications in your own datacentre we can take your critical applications and run them for you in our datacentre.

  • Or we can economically move your email to our cloud to help reduce your costs and improve performance.

  • It’s easier and faster to set up a Domino Server on premise than ANY other email system on the market today.

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