HCL Nomad

Your Domino Apps - Anytime, Anyplace! For some time now, Domino users have been able to access their favourite Domino applications from iOS and Android devices with the HCL Nomad mobile client.Now, HCL continue to deliver on their strategy of providing customers with choice and flexibility, by extending HCL Nomad to the desktop!HCL [...]

2021-10-04T16:33:40+01:00October 4th, 2021|Consultancy, Domino, HCL, IBM|

HCL Domino v12 New Features

HCL Digital Week saw some exciting new announcements around HCL Domino 12 Here at Blue Sky we've picked out the highlights for you and reflect on how far the platform has come since Notes Release 1 first shipped 31 years ago today! SECURITY There will now be full [...]

2020-12-21T14:18:00+00:00December 21st, 2020|Consultancy, Domino, HCL, IBM|

HCL Domino V11 – Now With Volt!

HCL VOLT HCL Notes/Domino has always been valued for its rapid application deployment capabilities. HCL Domino Volt is a new low-code capability that makes it even easier to quickly develop powerful, secure, and enterprise-grade workflow-based applications. While it runs on HCL Domino, you don’t need [...]

2020-09-30T14:30:38+01:00September 30th, 2020|Consultancy, Domino, HCL, IBM|

HCL Domino V11 – New Features

HCL DOMINO V11 New features and products around V11 including HCL Nomad and HCL Volt. HCL Domino Volt Back to grass roots with HCL Domino Volt which delivers a low-code development environment to power users. Business operatives can rapidly develop new workflow apps without specialist involvement. HCL Nomad Need [...]

2019-12-09T10:32:11+00:00December 6th, 2019|Consultancy, Domino, HCL, IBM|

Notes Template Modernisation

Notes Template Modernisation At the heart of Notes has been the concept of application templates. Provided free-of-charge were templates for simple business applications such as discussion, document library, and team rooms. Customers were free to modify these templates and add new functionality to reflect their unique business needs. Time moves on however and HCL [...]

2019-10-31T09:35:54+00:00July 12th, 2019|Domino, HCL, IBM|

Sametime Version 10 is here

IBM Sametime has long been a favourite here at Blue Sky. Now Sametime has been the focus of same TLC that HCL has shown to the Notes/Domino platform. They’ve just announced the release of Sametime 10 Limited Use – and it’s still available free of charge to Notes/Domino customers on active maintenance! Version 10 [...]

2019-06-24T13:13:21+01:00June 21st, 2019|Domino, IBM|

5 Things We’ve Learned from EngageUG

One of the premier user group events for all things Notes/Domino, Engage 2019, has just wrapped up. As ever, plenty of announcements and updates from HCL. Clearly, the pace at which HCL developing the products shows no sign of letting up! Here are 5 things we've learnt over the last few days........ [...]

2019-05-16T14:44:15+01:00May 16th, 2019|Domino, IBM, News|
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