Blue Sky Thinks: August Newsletter.

Pacman on your CV, 5G, the tiniest hearing aid and of course Blue Sky’s updates all in August’s Blue Sky Thinks.

Brain Hacking Is Easy!

Fascinating and scary developments into hacking our brains. Is this the next step to ditching our smart phones for integrated tech?

(7 minute read)

Hey Siri, tell Alexa about Beeb

BBC to launch a non-hardware digital voice assistant.

(3 minute read)

What’s New In Office 365?

From a dark mode to creating crime scene templates, these updates aren’t all scary!

(5 minute read)

Notes Template Modernisation

Blue Sky highlight everything you need to know about HCL’s updates to application templates and notes.

(2 minute read)

5G Myths Debunked

5G is here and living with us but what does it mean and is it going to make us sick?! This article summarises the state of things 5G today.

(10 minute read)

Sorry, I Didn’t Catch That

The original wearable tech’s latest iteration is tiny in size but massively impressive.

(1 minute video)

HCL End Connections Cloud and DAC

So much good is coming from the HCL acquisition of Domino from IBM but some rationalisation is apparently necessary too; if you’re using DAC or Connections Cloud DON’T PANIC, we’ve got your back!

(3 minute read)

And Finally…

Is it time to add your gaming credentials to your CV?

(5 minute read)

Blue Sky hosting ISO standards
Blue Sky hosting ISO standards
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