Blue Sky Thinks: January

Cyber Security Services Check our Blue Sky's Cyber Security Services. We'll get you on the right path to the government back Cyber Essentials accreditation. Bandersnatch has kicked off AI storytelling Netflix presenting a seamless experience of processing and storytelling for individual viewer experiences. (10 minute read) [...]

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Blue Sky Thinks: October

Domino V10 How do you improve a stable, secure, flexible and frankly wonderful platform? Read on to find out if our dreams came true! Macs at IBM IBM's CIO explains why 135,000 employees now use Macs. [...]

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Blue Sky Thinks: July

Welcome to the July Blue Sky Hosting newsletter – Blue Sky Thinks When it comes to IBM Notes and Domino, we're the experts. We've a wealth of knowledge and services to help with your Notes/Domino environment. Not sure you're Domino infrastructure is in tip top shape? Look no further than our cost effective IBM Domino Health Check service! Here are [...]

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Office 365 Gotchas!

Savings Cost is one of the key motivators in facilitating a move to Office 365. With the per-user subscription model and varied plans, against the cost of maintaining and upgrading your on-premise environment, there is certainly a compelling reason to consider a move to Office 365.   Availability Using Office 365 where Microsoft host the [...]

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