Blue Sky Thinks: January Newsletter.

Booming into the New Year with news on Zombies, clever boxes and big bills! It’s all in Blue Sky Thinks January Edition.

The Golden Record

It’s an old tech start to our newsletter this month, looking back at the inspirational story of the Golden Record:Sounds of Earth.

(5 minute read)

Urghh – Deadnotdead

Anyone who’s a fan of Black Mirror will shiver at this. A chatbot made from your dead loved ones communications.

(4 minute read)

Bills Bills Bills

A tiny coding issue can be rather pricey given the perfect conditions!

(3 minute read)

One Box To Charge Them All

Pop it in the corner and never have that sinking feeling when you realise it wasn’t positioned correctly. Wonder what it does for a pacemaker?

(3 minutes)

Get Better Cyber Security

The National Cyber Security Centre know a thing or two about security. We can help get you started on your path to improved cyber security today.

(8 minute read)

What’s Up Signal an iMessage

Once the bastion of secure communication, Whatsapp’s privacy credentials now seem significantly lacking compared to Signal and even good old iMessage.

(3 minute read)

HCL Domino Volt

HCL Domino Volt speeds up app dev by up to 70% with powerful low code capabilites giving control back to your users.

(4 minutes)

Quantum Leaps Take Time

Not a Friday afternoon read this one but fascinating. It also contains a wonderful sentence “Schrödinger, aptly enough, was both right and wrong at the same time” which alone makes it worth the read!

(15 minutes)

And Finally…

A sound idea or you’re fired?

(4 minute read)

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