Blue Sky Thinks: July Newsletter.

Umbraco and Apple’s latest, marketing, AI and of course Blue Sky’s updates in July’s Blue Sky Thinks.

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Notes Template Modernisation.

Blue Sky highlight everything you need to know about HCL’s updates to application templates and notes.

(2 minute read)

Google and Amazon Have Both Admitted Listening.

Since the release of Alexa and Google Assistant we have all been wondering whether they were listening in – the answer is YES!

(15 minute read)

iOS Beta 2 Release.

Apple has finally released iOS 13 Public Beta for the second time and promises some stability following the highlighted issues from the first release.

(10 minute read)

Umbraco 8.1 Release.

You asked, Umbraco delivered! Step into the future of Umbraco by looking at all the new features and fixes they have put into place for the launch of Umbraco 8.1.

(10 minute read)

IBM Talks The Role of AI In Business.

Beth Smith (general manager of IBM Watson AI) talks all things AI and how customers are changing.

(10 minute read)

5 Content Marketing Tips To Help You Connect With Your Audience.

Trying to get your marketing campaign off the ground? Take a look at these tips from marketing leaders that may help you reach your goals.

(7 minute read)

Dr Alexa.

The NHS are ’embracing technology’ and Amazon’s Alexa will now be offering expert health advice when it is asked for. But is it just what the doctor ordered?

(5 minute read)

And Finally…

July 26th – is the day to say IT loud; say IT proud! Say thank you to your sysadmin for keeping your business up and running.
(5 minute read)

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Blue Sky hosting ISO standards
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