Blue Sky Thinks: June Newsletter.

Read on for news on chips, hot air, cycling and asteroids! It’s all in Blue Sky Thinks June Edition.

Cheat Here!

A wonderful collection of guides to help us all navigate the amazing and sometimes weird world of Microsoft. We’re all learning something today!

(15 minute read)

Apple Chips Anyone?

With faster processing, longer lasting battery life and better cross device support, what’s not to like?

(5 minute read)

Office 365 Backups

Cloud based systems need backups too. Your emails and data might be available 24 x 7 but lost completely after a major data event, such as a Malware or Ransomware attack.

(3 minute read)

A Midsummer Nightmare

Akamai proved themselves as big wave riders during a Midsummer DDoS attack. The largest ever apparently, at 809Mpps. Impressive stuff and a reminder that it’s worth being safely tucked away behind a protected network. We prefer Cloudflare but hey, kudos where it’s due.

(5 minutes)

Get Better Cyber Security

The National Cyber Security Centre know a thing or two about security. We can help get you started on your path to improved cyber security today.

(8 minute read)

A Lot Of Hot Air?

We’ve long since wondered why datacentres can’t better use the excess heat created: could this be the answer?

(5 minute read)

HCL Domino

Everything you wanted to know about HCL’s Domino but were afraid to ask!

(10 minutes)

Asteroid Alert!

It’s International Asteroid Day today! Celestial objects best kept in orbit far from us or harbingers of doom and life? Either way today is the day for raising awareness about them.

(4 minutes)

And Finally…

A virtual Tour de France is coming this weekend. Whilst the real Tour is still scheduled for later in the year Zwift have teamed up with the Tour de France organisers to bring a flash of yellow and spots to July.

(3 minute read)

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