Blue Sky Thinks: March Newsletter.

Remote working, standing up, moths and a patched satellite, it must be March’s Blue Sky Thinks.

Remote Working

Working together as a team has never been more important. Or easy. We’re big fans here of Slack and Microsoft Teams. Give us a shout if you need a hand with any of your remote working solutions.

(1 minute read)

Rise in Cyber Threats

As ever the dark underbelly of the tech world is making the most of the increase in remote workers and tailoring their attacks accordingly. Stay safe on the web! Need a little extra help? Contact us for a quick practical cyber assessment.

(3 minute read)

Office 365 Backups

Cloud based systems need backups too. Your emails and data might be available 24 x 7 but lost completely after a major data event, such as a Malware or Ransomware attack.

(3 minute read)

Standing Desk Curious?

Working from home and short of space? Now could be the ideal time to try standing up working. Here’s the official HSE Assessment for display work.

(5 minutes)

Get Better Cyber Security

The National Cyber Security Centre know a thing or two about security. We can help get you started on your path to improved cyber security today.

(8 minute read)

Hi-tech Problem: Simple Solution

We’ve seen some strange physical data centre issues here at Blue Sky but not this one! It’s reminiscent of the first ever computer bug. If you don’t fancy reading the link, the answer is in the image with this item.

(3 minute read)

WFH The Right Way

Some top tips on how to do it right. We’ve been doing it for years and have learned some of these the hard way!

(4 minutes)

And Finally…

We’re experts in Remote Management but this is seriously impressive!

(2 minute read)

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