Is 5G a waste of time?

The punters have had their say… they’re not rushing to break the bank for 5G. Will the technical miracle be delayed?

What did HCL splash $1.8 billion on?

HCL buy legacy products from IBM and are planning on a $650 billion annual revenue at the end of the second year.

O2 Outage Explained

The explanation as to why the majority of Brits’ couldn’t make calls or texts, nor use 4G.

Microsoft Edge coming to Mac

This is welcome news to absolutely no one. Anyone feel differently?

Facebook’s lack of security exposes users…
A new Facebook bug is said to have exposed over 6.8 million users photos and not just the ones that have been shared…

Law suit against apple regarding new iPhone.

And Finally…
Film makers are given hints about what is going to win them the Oscar. Artificial intelligence shows that films with an ’emotional arc’ are the prize winners when it comes to the big trophies.
Who knew we were all so emotional?