Covid-19 March 2020 Update

As novel coronavirus Covid-19 diagnoses continue to increase around the world, Blue Sky are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees and ensure business continuity in service of our customers, partners, and other stakeholders. We are confident that coronavirus Covid-19 will not significantly impact our ability to provide our services to you.

Whilst the situation continues to evolve, we are taking measures to ensure business continuity and the safety of our employees and stakeholders. We’ve reduced our travel and where possible are conducting meetings remotely. If the situation deteriorates we are confident that we are able to perform all of our critical business operations remotely, as tested in our annual BCP audit most recently conducted in January of this year.

We have also contacted our key stakeholders, including critical supply chain vendors and are comfortable that they too are able to continue to ensure business continuity.

In short, yes it’s not great but we’ve planned/tested/refined/re-tested for this type of situation and are confident that if not business as usual, it’s at least business without interruption!

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Blue Sky hosting ISO standards
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