A report this week acts as a stark reminder that many businesses aren’t yet off the starting line when it comes to cyber security. To us this begs the question why? We believe it’s both a lack of knowing what actions to take and that cyber security isn’t seen as enough of a risk yet.

But when 60% of small businesses fail within 6 months of a cyber security attack doing nothing is not enough. It never has been but in today’s ever changing security landscape it leaves you very exposed.

Here at Blue Sky we’ve been securing IT infrastructure and the cyber world in all it’s guises for over 20 years and we like elegant solutions. And simple ones. Our message is start small and start today. As the report suggests there are some quick wins available and closing those gaping holes is the first step on the journey to better security. For more information on how we can quickly and cost effectively help contact us.

Matthew McCloskey

Blue Sky Commercial Director