Cyber Security Approach

Cyber Security Requires A Multi-Layered Approach. AUTHENTICATION Identify your individuals - create strong and unique usernames and passwords. AUTHORISATION Give only certain individuals, based on their identity, access the system. ENCRYPTION Convert data or information into code. This will prevent those unauthorised accessing your data. [...]

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What We Love About Cloudflare Where else can you get an outstanding Content Delivery Network for nothing? Private & fast DNS. Want to know more? It's more than a great domain name! Speed up your mobile connection using this free app which utilises and Cloudflare's considerable network. [...]

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Top Five Quick Cyber Security Fixes

1. Install a password checker on your browser like this one for Chrome* *other browsers are available. 2. Implement Two Factor Authentication whenever possible. Yes, it makes life a tinsy bit hard for you but think how much more difficult it is for those who shouldn't have access! [...]

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Cyber Essentials IASME or ISO27001

Need to know the difference between Cyber Essentials, IASME and ISO 27001? Want to know which is suitable for your organisation? Read on.. As a socially conscious organisation in today's cyber landscape keeping a handle on your cyber security is vital. A customer recently pointed out to me that it can be a bit [...]

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Blue Sky Thinks: August

  Blue Sky Thinks: August Newsletter Here are some of the topics we have been discussing at Blue Sky this month, if you want to discuss any of them further, then please get in touch: This month there has a been lots of info coming our way about IBM Watson and its use of A.I. to analyse data [...]

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