We’ve collated a few interesting articles that we have been talking about at Blue Sky recently, we hope you will find them interesting too. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of these, or related topics, with us.

Cloud is Ubiquitous and Untrusted. An interesting piece comparing how much people trust the security of the cloud versus how much they are already using the cloud https://securingtomorrow.mcafee.com/business/cloud-security/cloud-is-ubiquitous-and-untrusted/

AMD rolls out Spectre Fixes. After the widely publicised Spectre vulnerabilities, it seems AMD have now also released firmware and Windows 10 patches to mitigate against it, so it is important to get patching if you have any AMD motherboards https://threatpost.com/amd-rolls-out-spectre-fixes/131135/

Why we should invest in Penetration Testing. A post from Luke Sapiets, a Technical Engineer at Blue Sky, which looks at why penetration testing is so important if we want to keep our data, networks and servers secure. https://www.bluesky.co.uk/why-we-should-all-invest-in-penetration-testing/

And finally, something, a little more abstract, to provoke your thoughts regarding the moral implications of using technology to visualise people’s thoughts https://www.wired.com/story/ideas-jason-pontin-openwater/

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