Here are some of the topics of interest here at Blue Sky this month, if you want to discuss any of them further, then please get in touch:


Excitement grows with the 10/10 release of Domino v10 just around the corner. We’ve been exploring the beta and the more we discover the better it gets!

More information from the official source is available at IBM’s Destination Domino website.

ICON UK 2018

Matt and Pat from the Blue Sky team have spent a couple of days at ICON UK, talking all things Domino v10 and generally enjoying the company of the wonderful IBM/HCLcommunity.

Cloudflare makes adoption of DNSSEC easier

DNSSEC is a way of providing end-to-end validation of DNS requests to protect against cyber attacks but has been hard to adopt in the past, Cloudflare are aiming to expand the adoption by bringing in a one-click solution. We support and manage Cloudflare for a number of customers, please get in touch if you want to explore using Cloudflare for your websites.

Microsoft Zero-day vulnerability

If you use Microsoft Access, Visual Basic or anything else using the JET database then best to “restrict interaction with the application to trusted files” until Microsoft can release a patch for it.

You should be more afraid of phishing than malware

We have discussed this before on the Blue Sky blog, but this is a good article discussing the danger of phishing emails and how important multi-factor authentication is in order to keep your data and applications secure.

Cloudflare pushes QUIC to speed up mobile browsing

Cloudflare has put its weight behind the new protocol, Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC). Advances in other protocols mean it is now posisble to get TCP-style relaiability and security over UDP, could this be the beginning of the end for TCP?