HCL Digital Week saw some exciting new announcements around HCL Domino 12 Here at Blue Sky we’ve picked out the highlights for you and reflect on how far the platform has come since Notes Release 1 first shipped 31 years ago today!


There will now be full support for Let’s Encrypt (free!) certificates. Following on from support for SNI in Version 11, this is a great addition that will hugely simplify the deployment of Domino Web Applications. Certificates be and be download and requested automatically – no need to wrestle with keyring files anymore!

Also fully supported is Two-Factor Authentication. Easy to deploy and enabled so you can use your favourite 2FA app such as Google Authenticator or Authy.

Finally Biometric Authentication to unlock your Notes ID using Face or Touch ID is also being introduced.


Until now, certified backup solutions for HCL Domino have been pretty thin on the ground. Now, HCL completely overhauled the API so your preferred back solution will work with HCL Domino 12.

This a huge step forward and we’re looking forward to seeing how this will work with backup providers such as Veeam.


The venerable Notes client gets some attentions as well. For mail, there’s a new Send As feature, where to allows users with multiple identities to easily switch between email addresses. 


What is especially interesting, is the new Nomad Web Client. This looks to be successor to the old Notes browser plugin. Essentially, it delivers full Notes client functionality in the browser. There’s full support for all browsers and OS types -Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge on Windows. Linux and macOS. 


It does look like the focus is starting to shift from the traditional client to the browser and Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Where PWA have already been delivered is for HCL Verse-on-Premise, this will now extend to mobile devices as well, so you have the choice of the HCL Verse, Traveler app or the full browser experience.

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