HCL Domino V11 – New Features

HCL DOMINO V11 New features and products around V11 including HCL Nomad and HCL Volt. HCL Domino Volt Back to grass roots with HCL Domino Volt which delivers a low-code development environment to power users. Business operatives can rapidly develop new workflow apps without specialist involvement. HCL Nomad Need [...]

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HCL Domino V11

Roll on the 4th December The eyes of the world will be upon Japan....and, no, we're not talking about the Rugby World Cup Final! Even more exciting is the global launch on 4th December in Tokyo of HCL Domino V11, HCL Notes V11, HCL Sametime V11, and HCL [...]

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Faster Website Performance

A Faster Website. How fast Google think your pages should load. In 4 Steps. Analyse. Knowledge is power. Find your specific bottlenecks. Reduce. Smaller is better when it comes to code and images. Right Size. Check your [...]

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NCUG 2019 – HCL

NCUG 2019 HCL Just Keep Delivering Suprise! IBM Notes will be called HCL Notes. v11 Beta available in July. Sametime v10 is here. Domino has grown by $1 million in 2019 so far. Domino v11 to ship in Q4. [...]

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Top Five Quick Cyber Security Fixes

1. Install a password checker on your browser like this one for Chrome* *other browsers are available. 2. Implement Two Factor Authentication whenever possible. Yes, it makes life a tinsy bit hard for you but think how much more difficult it is for those who shouldn't have access! [...]

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Domino V11

Well, the dust doesn't settle as far as IBM Domino is concerned! Following on from IBM Think 2019 and HCL's Factory Tour, there's lots of announcements and updates we'd like to share with you. First off, Domino V11 is scheduled to ship at the end of the year, The focus on [...]

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