Well, the dust doesn’t settle as far as IBM Domino is concerned! Following on from IBM Think 2019 and HCL’s Factory Tour, there’s lots of announcements and updates we’d like to share with you.

First off, Domino V11 is scheduled to ship at the end of the year, The focus on Domino V10 was all around new administration features and application modernisation. This time around, the end user is the focus, with emphasis on the client and template UI. A Beta is expected sometime in the summer. Domino V11 is expected to be HCL branded for the first time. 

Plans for Domino V11 and beyond also include the following. 

  • The PUB/SUB feature will allow applications to subscribe to push notifications from Domino. 
  • Elastic Search as an optional replacement for the traditional Full Text Index engine
  • Continuous updates to IBM Verse, including support for mobile browsers, with the aim of having feature parity with iNotes by the end of Q4. This effectively means that IBM Verse will be the preferred browser based client.
  • Mobile Apps for Domino continues to evolve. A version  for Android is on the way, built on OpenGL/WebGL to allow the client to run in the browser.
  • HTTP password authentication with the ID Vault which will help keeps ID and HTTP password fully in sync, signalling the end of HTTP passwords in the Person document.
  • App Dev Pack 1.0.1 will ship this quarter, will plans to provide continuous updates every quarter. New feature will include support for Windows platforms and OAuth2. 
  • Also shipping this quarter is Sametime V10, For Limited Use entitlement, this will include persistent chat (which will require initially a MongoDB deployment. For mobile access you will still need to deploy the Proxy Server with the DB2/WebSphere components to utilise this feature. HCL are working on removing this dependency but it will take time. With the demise of Watson Workspace, we’d interested to see if Sametime will evolve to fill this gap. For the first time Sametime will be 64-bit, enabling customers to finally transition to 64-bit Domino.  

To summarise, we can expect Sametime V10, Notes/Domino 10.0.1 Fix Pack 1 and App Dev Pack 1.0.1 to ship this quarter to keep us all busy until the Domino V11 Beta. 

A Domino V11 Webinar is scheduled for the 14th March – you can register here for more insight on the Domino V11 roadmap and beyond.

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